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I am surprised by the fuel economy of light cars

In the city I was on the Suzuki Wagon R.
The fuel economy was around 10 km / l.
I came up to 14 km / l after coming here.
However, I was surprised at the fuel efficiency of Daihatsu Ys (second hand) that I switched from last year. It is around 21 km / l.

(Wikipedia: Kei car)


This is fuel economy that is similar to that of a motorcycle I was riding in my 20s age and is fuel economy approaching the Toyota Prius hybrid car.
Since rural areas are car society, fuel efficiency rises, but as gasoline is rising, this number is really appreciated.
The Prius is used for nearly 2,000,000 yen, but I purchased Ys for 400,000 yen.
As the original purpose of moving a car, it can be said that it is a very excellent car with its cost performance.
Also, the possibility of encountering typhoon and heavy rain damage is increasing recently due to abnormal weather.
Doubts remain on safety for hybrid cars and electric vehicles that operate with high voltage.
Is there a fear of electric shock if the car is submerged?
Can I go to rescue a person riding in a submerged car?
Can you say "absolutely no electric shock!"
Electric cars are still short history.
I will continue to ride a light car of gasoline car and a third eco car.

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