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Encounter with solar water heater

Encounter with solar water heater
My mother's parents' house is in Narita city in Chiba prefecture, and it was a completely different country even in the same Kanto.
When I was a child (1970s) I often went to stay.
At that time, there was a solar water heater on top of the roof of the house that was briefly seen, and I thought, "What is that?"
I did not see much in the city, so as I became an adult, I did not care more than that.
However, it was attached to the second - hand housing purchased. It is wonderful in its ability. In the summer you can have hot water at nearly 70 degrees.


(Wikipedia: Solar water heater)
It is influenced by the weather, but if it is sunny, hot water will come out even in winter.
In the summer, you can have a shower with hot water before going to work from morning.
Because the amount of water held is 200 liters, hot water will continue immediately even if it is used for morning bath.
I have used it for 5 years, but no trouble. It is no maintenance.
Before moving, the gas bill cost more than 15,000 yen in summer apartment life, but now it is less than 5,000 yen.
Although it seems that it tended to be avoided by the malicious visit sales at that time in the 1970s, the heat exchange is good and the performance is very high system.
It is a device to review again in the era of eco.

(For roofing use)

​(For Japan)

​(For Japan)

(For floor use)

​(For Japan)

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