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Encounter with unmanned sales place (vegetables)

This time it is a great encounter with delicious and safe vegetables.
The appearance of vegetables that can be bought in the city is very beautiful.
However, considering the time it takes to circulate and the psychology of consumers, we are holding down with pesticides etc.
Cabbage and leaf objects of Brassicaceae are easy to have insects, and in severe cases, they smell pesticides etc. considerably.
I had no choice but to buy such vegetables before I moved.
In the city we are eating vegetables that look nice but they do not eat insects.
I am making vegetables with my neighbors who I met shortly after moving.
You can make it with a little garden and that feeling.
Even if it is said to make it, it is the amount that we can eat and the place where we can share it with neighborhoods and relatives.
Since I can not go to the field so much at work, I do not do Brassian subjects much.
Still, I make potatoes, onion, onion lettuce, eggplant, cucumber, okra, pepper, pepper, shishito, radish, shrine chrysanthemum.
Of course it is organic pesticide.
Goods are being sold as good quality vegetables are sold because the Fukuoka area is an agricultural area although it will be bought at supermarkets nearby.
Also, I often use the unmanned sales place of vegetables.


This is an excellent one, and the unattended sales office in my neighborhood is modest in agricultural chemicals, and there is a declaration that "Those who care about insects are bought elsewhere, although they are careful enough."

Recently, there seems to be some people who do not pay money, but there seems to be difficulties, but I am trying hard to provide vegetables good for my body with confidence as much as possible.
An unmanned sales office is a culture that Japan is proud of. I will support you to continue forever.
Pesticide vegetables and organic are sold at high prices in urban areas.
However, in rural areas, we eat ourselves to make non-pesticide vegetables, and to share vegetables we made to acquaintances.
I will make you think what is rich and what is happy.

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